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Product Introduction

High-quality maps of Japan for customers from all over the world

Japan map data from INCREMENT P CORPORATION (iPC) is highly trusted in fields such as in-car navigation for being up-to-date and easy-to-read. That data has a substantial track record in a broad range of uses for diverse business situations. Those include...

  • In-car and portable navigation
  • Internet services
  • Mobile phones/wireless devices
  • Logistics and fleet management
  • Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • System/application development
  • Travel agencies
  • Others
In-car navigationPortable navigation devices
WebsitesSmartphonesMobile phones

Features of Japan map data

iPC provides 1/25,000 scale map data for all of Japan. We have developed 1/2,500 scale city map data for 1,334 major cities enhanced to even show the outlines of buildings.

Features of Japan map data

What's more, we retain road network data that incorporates the latest road data for all of Japan, address and POIs (Points of Interests) data, and various other forms of data. iPC Japan map data achieves a variety of functions demanded by customers such as map display, location searching, route directions, and more.
Our Japan maps also support the World Geodetic System as well as the Japanese Geodetic System. That way, our maps are able to support global map service deployment. 

Multi-language Japan map data

iPC has translated its maps of Japan to English, Chinese (traditional/simplified) and Korean so they can be used around the world. Our multi-language Japan map data is also useful for companies providing global solutions.

Japan Map (Japanese version)

Japan Map
(Japanese version)

Japan Map (English version)

Japan Map
(English version)

Japan Map (Simplified Chinese version)

Japan Map
(Simplified Chinese version)

Japan Map (Traditional Chinese version)

Japan Map
(Traditional Chinese version)

Japan Map (Korean version)

Japan Map
(Korean version)

In addition to Japan map databases, iPC provides a map distribution service. We distribute Japan map data that can be utilized on customer websites.
Location information delivery using maps can be done easier and quicker in a variety of services for people around the world. Those include services in the areas of tourism, travel and lodging for visitors to Japan along with services such as real estate and restaurant searching for foreign residents of Japan.

Japan map data product lineup

Data Content Examples of types Multi-language
Japan map data
12-level scale display for optimum map expression according to display scale Expressways, national highways, railways, administrative boundaries, stations, public facilities, parks, large stores, others Shapefile Format
Japan map data
Detailed city map data with various attributes: Covering 1,334 cities across Japan (more than 90% of population) Railways, stations, ferries, house outlines, major roads, green areas, expressway ramp directional arrows, others Shapefile Format
Road network data Information concerning roads across Japan, including that for major intersections and traffic restrictions, which can be used as data for route searches or navigation Road information, intersection names, lane information, traffic restriction information, traffic signal information, others N/A Shapefile Format
Search data Various search data for calling up addresses and map display with pinpoint accuracy Address data, station data, postal codes, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, others Text file
Map distribution service Service for distributing maps to customer websites Japan maps (Japanese and multi-language map distribution), search data, others

Illustrations, voices, and third-party contents also can be provided.
Please inquire for details.