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About Increment P Message from the President

President and CEO Takahito Aiki

INCREMENT P has been specializing and providing digital map and location information mainly for the Internet, car navigation and GIS systems since our establishment in 1994.

We continue to carefully produce and constantly update changing map information in-house emphasizing accuracy and freshness. From now on, we plan to provide our corporate and individual customers with high-value-added location information by accumulating various data on the map information.
As a professional map and location information provider, we will provide content and platforms desired by our customers and the society.
Through these activities, we will contribute to our customers’ problem-solving and developing a more affluent society.
Services expected in the mobility field are changing from moment to moment in tune with social change and advancement of information technology. Considering big waves such as MaaS and CASE as new opportunities for us to grow, we will always be changing and striving to boldly meet such big waves. We continue to make best efforts to meet your expectations.

We greatly appreciate your continued guidance and support.

November 2019
President and CEO  Takahito Aiki