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About Increment P Message from the President

Fulfill stakeholders' great happiness in the ever-changing society

President and CEO Takumi Jinguji

What should we think and do everyday in order to fulfill all the stakeholders' (e.g. customers, employees and their family's) long-lasting happiness?

What is needed to carry a chain of happiness forward to the future?

The change is not very noticeable when we are just looking at the scenery in front of us, but the society is continuously evolving.

The once-a-de-facto standard specifications and services can be dramatically changed within a few years.

It is sometimes needed to break the values we hold in order to provide values that the society demands.

Without doing so, no new technologies can be born nor the corporate value can be nurtured.

Utilizing the technologies and know-how that we have acquired over the years, we repeat transformation and reformation, and continue creating the next corporate value.

Create the next society dynamically

We have the mechanisms and technology to quickly extract changing points of every-changing map information and to reflect that onto maps. We have know-how to capture what a city would become a year or two from now.

In order to shift our whole business to the higher stage by utilizing the technology as the core competence, we have established the technology brand called "Spacing dynamics."

Our mission is to not only simply produce digital maps but to capture and organize world information dynamically, and then, create the next society.

"Spacing dynamics," biggest strength.

Maintain a global perspective to keep evolving

We will pick up on the movement of era dynamically, capitalize even on rapid changes in social environment, and continue refining technologies that are one step ahead.

We believe that will lead to the improvement of the corporation value and to fulfill a chain of great happiness.

Preparations for the next era have already started, extending our efforts on map data for automated driving vehicle and establishment of a new business in the ASEAN region.

By looking into the near future with a global perspective, we will continue help creating a good life with digital maps as a base.

Please do look forward to the new value that will be born from our new challenges.