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March 23, 2015

INCREMENT P's iPhone App AR Navigation for Pedestriansk
“MapFan AR Global” Now Available for Free
~ Reach your destination just by holding your iPhone. No maps required! ~

Kanagawa, Japan – The Japanese digital map company INCREMENT P CORPORATION (/english/) announced today the price change of its AR Navigation for Pedestrians App for iPhone “MapFan AR Global” ( This app uses AR (Augmented Reality) technology to help the users navigate to their destination. Previously priced at $2.00, it is now available for free to all users worldwide in commemoration of its one-year release anniversary in March 2015.

■About “MapFan AR Global”

MapFan AR Global helps users navigate to their destination without looking at the actual map. The route to your destination is displayed onto the real world scenery via the iPhone camera. It goes without saying that the App is useful not only for people who do not have a good sense of direction, but also for people who travel overseas and especially those who cannot read unfamiliar characters. This App is currently available on the Apple App store in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Vietnam. The App can mainly be used in English-speaking countries.


■About MapFan AR Global External linkage specification for developers

External linkage specification to boot "MapFan AR Global" from external Apps, website, etc is opened on for free. Please take advantage of this App to help your users navigate to their destination.

■About Increment P

INCREMENT P is a Japanese company developing domestic digital maps, providing the map data for Car Navigation systems and applications and handling location based services. We have expanded our business globally by collaborating with major map suppliers in the world and establishing a map data maintenance base for ASEAN. For more information, please refer to /english/


March 23, 2015 News Release[PDF 206KB]