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Privacy Policy

INCREMENT P CORPORATION (hereafter referred to as "the Corporation") regards the protection of personal information as a critical social responsibility of the Pioneer Group and as an essential requirement for carrying out corporate activities with the trust of the public.
The Corporation gives due attention to the appropriate management and use of customer personal information and implements the following measures:

  1. Management of Personal Information
    The Corporation appoints managers responsible for customer information and appropriately manages such information in accordance with personal information protection rules established by the Corporation.
  2. Use Purpose and Collection Scope
    When a customer provides their personal information, which can include names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses to the corporation, they are informed in advance of the purposes for which the information will be used and where to make related inquiries. The Corporation collects customer personal information within an appropriate scope.
  3. Use of Personal Information
    The Corporation uses the personal information of any customer only within the scope of purposes agreed by the customer.
  4. Prohibition of Providing or Disclosing Personal Information to Third Parties
    The Corporation does not provide or disclose any customer personal information to third parties unless the customer has agreed, disclosure is requested pursuant to the law, or there are other legitimate reasons.
  5. Supervision of Subcontractor
    When the Corporation discloses the personal information of a customer to a subcontractor in order to achieve the purpose of use agreed to by the customer, the subcontractor is required by contract to rigorously conduct stringent personal information management at a level equivalent to that of the Corporation, and the Corporation conducts appropriate supervision to ensure this level is implemented.
  6. Maintaining and Improving Information Security
    The Corporation constantly strives to maintain and improve information security in order to prevent customer personal information from being leaked, lost, or altered.
  7. Training and Awareness-Raising
    The Corporation conducts training and awareness-raising for all executives and employees to ensure they understand the importance of protecting personal information and handle the personal information of customers appropriately.
  8. Handling Personal Information Disclosure, Revision, Etc.
    When requested by a customer to disclose, revise, or handle in other ways their personal information, the Corporation first confirms the identity of the customer making the request and then responds to the request within a reasonable period of time and scope.
  9. Continuous Review and Improvement
    The Corporation observes personal information protection laws, ordinances and other related rules, and continuously reviews and improves personal information protection measures according to changes in social conditions.

* The Corporation requests that the personal information of a child under 16 years of age be provided only after the child's guardian has agreed to the provision.
* If you have any questions regarding your own information, please inquire using the contact information for the relevant product.

The Corporation collects the following information from customers. The purposes of collecting the information are also indicated.

Information Registered by Customers Related to Products

Refer to the following for the purposes of collecting information registered by users related to products and services:

Information on Purchases Made on INCREMENT P CORPORATION's Online Shopping Site

Refer to the following for the purposes of collecting information on purchases made on the Corporation's online shopping site:

Information Acquired Through Product User Support and Brochure Requests

For User Support

The Corporation may acquire the personal information of a customer when the customer makes an inquiry by phone or email, but even in such a case,

  1. the only reason to acquire such information is to provide the customer with support information.

For Brochure Requests

The personal information that a user has entered when making an inquiry is used for the following purposes:

  1. To enable staff in charge of the product to respond
  2. To obtain statistical information for improving product functions and user guides