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Japanese Car Navigation

Providing high quality Car Navigation software centering on our abilities to produce map data and related contents and to develop software

The total volume of shipments for Japanese car navigation in 2019 was approximately 6.0 million systems.INCREMENT P's Car Navigation software is the undisputed leader in the field holding close to half of the aftermarket, and is also recognized for its high quality among the OEMs.
INCREMENT P will continue to grow as a leading software producer in the ever-changing markets, by providing incremental update services and corresponding to diverse media, etc.

  • JVC KENWOOD navigation
  • PIONEER navigation
  • DENSO TEN navigation
  • Mitsubishi Electric navigation


Development know-how amassed for over many years

Since we started providing software for Car Navigation systems manufactured by PIONEER Corporation in 1995, we have been developing and providing high quality software, always delivering the newest features for the growing commercial market.
With our know-how for development fostered for over many years, we will not only meet a variety of market needs, but also aim at further development of Car Navigation software by proposing new value-added solutions.

Flexible development framework to deliver up-to-date information

The shortening of the process from development to product delivery is necessary, in order to deliver advanced features such as incremental updates and real time information updates that keep Car Navigation software current.INCREMENT P creates a development framework in order to offer software with up-to-date information and respond flexibly to different specifications and requirements for each product.

Major client companies

Listed in the order of the Japanese Syllabary

  • JVC KENWOOD Corporation
  • DENSO TEN Limited
  • Harman International Japan Co.,Ltd.
  • PIONEER Corporation
  • Mitsubishi Electric Corporation