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Worldwide Car Navigation

By utilizing technical capabilities and know-how amassed in the Japanese market, we have achieved the commercialization of Car Navigation map data software for overseas markets

In collaboration with leading map suppliers abroad, we have achieved the commercialization of products in major regions in both aftermarket and OEMs.

In recent years, we have been advancing our research and development for areas such as new data formats for various car navigation market environments, the introduction of unique map contents abroad, supports to the emerging regions which are expected to have expanded demands for Car Navigation, and we are aiming for further business expansion


Worldwide operations

We have been commercializing products in collaboration with multiple major map suppliers overseas. The commercialization of products is achieved by editing overseas map databases into map data software for Car Navigation and adding extended contents and additional features required for each piece of hardware to the basic Car Navigation features.

We have been providing map data software to hardware manufacturers in approximately 50 countries including in North America and Europe in both aftermarket and OEMs.

Target countries for worldwide car navigation commercialization (blue areas)Target countries for worldwide car navigation commercialization (blue areas)

Now, with changing car navigation device markets, the development of new data formats and highly flexible software to accommodate various requirements is needed.

INCREMENT P offers leading-edge map data accommodating all the different needs from high-end products with high functionality and rich contents to low-cost and compact products. We have been also working on the development of products for emerging regions like ASEAN where demand for Car Navigation is expected to grow.

In the future, we will look ahead of the newest mobile communication and server technology trends and be committed to achieve the delivery of current and value-added services. Moreover, we will further advance our development of real time location based information services and of data for leading-edge drive support systems that are driver safety and social environment-conscious.